Living Room

Living Room Bar

Capacity: 150

Not your average lobby. Meet, greet, flirt, play, sip and savor in this modern playground that is Caribbean cool perfected. Toast with gorgeous cocktails in the velvety setting, or mingle on the terrace, a prime people watching spot.

Our Living Room Bar uses only the very best and freshest ingredients from around the globe. We press a variety of citrus fruits and produce daily. Living Room delights you with elements such as Lebanese pomegranate, Japanese yuzu (citrus) and exotic herbs and spices. Living Room prides itself on unparalleled quality and freshness, and incorporates a variety of infusions, molecular mixology and other special techniques to create carefully crafted cocktails to awaken your taste buds and flirt with your senses.

Chat the night away as you wet your lips with sips orchestrated by Miami’s most talented Mixologists. Click here to book location

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